My name is Steve McQuaide.

It’s really good to meet you.

The fact that you’re reading this leads me to believe you’re looking for a designer. That’s cool, because that’s what I do.

Sure, I have a lot of experience in sales, marketing, management and SEO, but it’s never really goosed me the way that visual creativity has. The days that I get to spend hours in Photoshop and Illustrator, or buried neck deep in code are always my best days. I feel an unmatched sense of satisfaction when I create something from the ground up.

My creativity doesn’t end digitally. I love drawing and painting with traditional media equally, and I try to do it as much as possible in my free time.

Haha, free time. There hasn’t been much of that for the past couple of years. On top of building my marketing skills with 9 to 5 jobs, I have been honing my web design and development abilities by working as a freelance designer after-hours. Putting in 12-14 hour days can be tiring, but to me, the design work has never been work at all. I really enjoy sitting behind my Wacom tablet and making someone’s website better than they could have ever imagined.

And that’s just what I would love to help your company do: create a unique and brand focused web presence for you or your clients that challenges the boundaries of design trends.


My design philosophy is centered around two things: creating a functional, intuitive and innovative user experience and interpreting the client’s brand into a concise design that drives home their message and achieves their goals.

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